Masterplaning and Urban Design

Bryonn Architecture Ltd. Offer full range of design, procurement and management services to produce a fully integrated design and development services. Our work balances sensitivity to context, environmental concerns and economic viability of the scheme. Our team is adept at working within multi-disciplinary teams of Town-planners and Designers, communities and local authorities to deliver a robust proposal.

As a part of CRD program we also privately fund the research on certain projects.

We are experienced in producing small to large urban development schemes that are profitable for stakeholders and using design to support community aspirations.

Development and Stakeholders:

We carry out a careful Evaluation of relevant opportunities and site analysis to support the investment plan and economic viability of the proposals. Our contract administration and project management ensure a methodical project delivery. We actively involve stakeholders throughout the project development so that communication and consultation process with consultants and authorities mobilizes towards a pragmatic scheme.


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Bryonn Architecture ltd. Is gaining a growing reputation for a completely personalised approach and thoughtful application of new technologies. We establish pro-active working relationships with consultants and contractors to deliver our client’s vision through excellence in design and development. Our buildings are designed to achieve a fine balance between project needs, environmental performance and unique set of contextual parameters. Along with feasibility study, we indulge in rigorous design process and form experimentation on various software’s, physical models and data analysis of the surrounding context.

We understand that design management and communication are some of the key aspects of architectural design and our team has always maintained high standards of success and clarity in various elements of project phase ranging form

Establishing project potential

Planning Permissions

Building Regulations Approval

Energy Performance and Sustainability

Cost Analysis

Management and Documentation of construction phase


Interior Design

We engage in complete interior design services right from design and visual illustrations to site execution and supervision. The design process undergoes material research for cost-effective materials and technology and it is promptly incorporated in budget quotations and visuals. Our interior design group is highly experienced in bespoke hospitality and retail interiors. Every project phase is meticulously detailed to carry out methodical tender work and project execution. We understand the needs to meet the technical requirements of various types of public and private premises and w employ very high standards of construction details for architectural or structural renovation work.


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