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Salt Lake City- Developing the Cultural

(Year : - | Location : United States)
Urban Design / Master planning

Developing the Cultural Core, Utah, USA.

Utah's Salt lake city is the cultural pivot of United States and it has undergone a series of urban transformations to establish a strong platform form performing arts, sports, tourism, heritage and historic precincts. The design intervention for the central core of Salt Lake City aims at stitching the cultural, economic and historic fragments together. The proposed Cultural pavillion in the heart of the city is aimed to act as an entrance foyeur to branch out the visitors in a programmatically controlled urban activities. The design looks into integrating physical environment and public interactions through a series of digital and computing interface and the way we interact with urban environment. The design also involves taking Salt Lake City into the digital age with a homogeneous computing system in media facades and urban chalkboards to generate an information and interaction platform for the entire Salt Lake City’s cultural and historic zone.

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