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Bianchi Tower

(Year : 2017 | Location : Bangladesh)

The design has emerged with the need to create a landmark with mimalistic forms and functions to contrast a dense urban setting of Bangladesh. The tower comprises of a luxurious three storey showroom of the high end fashion brand ‘Bianchi’ with its private luxury apartments for sale. The plot is detached from the high desity urban development of the city and gave the opportunity to combine architectural forms and materials that can be timeless. This led to design a 160 feet tall reinforced concrete wall and project modular residential blocks from the concrete wall. 

The approach has combined mimalistic architectural design of solids and voids with specialised engineering in modular structural system. The simplicity of the modular structural system and the way it successfully integrates the operational services of the tower has created a very efficient and economical solution for high rise buildings.

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