Ninad Patil

B.arch, M.A in Urban Design

Founder and Principal

Ninad is the head of architecture and urban design for both UK and India branch of Bryonn Architecture Ltd. Ninad founded Bryonn Architecture in UK and Mumbai in 2009 and is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Ninad has successfully completed a wide range of projects across Uk and India across various sectors including including education, commercial, residential, workplace and retail. His portfolio also includes a number of high profile competition entries and awards. With more than a decade of experince in the UK in a diverse range of sectors, Ninad is highly experienced in realizing clients' business ideals and challenges of the built enviroment. The entire design process and technical aspects of each project are managed under his supervision.

Ninad is a keen urbanist and always practices a research oriented and wholistic approach towards any project to produce designs that are elegant, eco-friendly and cost-effective. His expertise and personal interest lies in large scale architecture and master planning projects.

Our People

Our family of creative professionals comprises of :

Architectural designers and consultants,

Interior designers,

Urban designers

3D visualisation specialists



We are a vibrant mix of professionals from different skills and background. Every architectural consultant and interior designer who is a part of Bryonn Architecture shares a common passion for good design from technical micro-details to large design schemes. We are always inspired by people and their distictive ability in any sector of art, architecture and technology. Our common passion for design and the continous learning enviroment has been the founding pillar of our vibrant work culture.

The collaborative effort and wealth of expertise in design, resolving complex planning aspects and managemnt of various scales of project has established on-time delivery of every project stage—from conception through to completion.

Working with us

As part of a global community, our team constantly engages in creative discussions that propmote innovative design solutions through strategic thinking. Each project benifits from our fully integrated design service and ideas that stem from a joint vision to generate sustainable and stimulating environments. Our clients and other consultatns are involved in every design and develpment stage of the project to ensure certian key decisions are taken at the right stage of the project and all aspects of the design process are meticulously investigated.

We count on our ability as a diverse expertise in the design of buildings and environments and enusre our clients are fully informed about various aspects of management of project, cost implications , identifying the true potential of each project and jointly taking a customised approach towards each development.

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